THE LINK BETWEEN CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE AND COMMERCIAL SEXUAL EXPLOITATION Research builds a short bridge between child sexual abuse and commercial sexual exploitation of children. After interviewing twenty-five ex-pimps in Chicago, Jody Raphael and Brenda Myers-Powell report that an “overwhelming majority” claim early childhood physical and sexual abuse influenced their eventual involvement with trafficking. Survivor […]


SIGNS OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING You might be the only voice a victim of human trafficking has.  Knowing how to detect the signs of slavery and where to report it is critical to his or her exit. SOMEONE YOU KNOW  During the grooming period you might see a combination of these signs: excess cash hotel room […]


PROACTIVE PARENTING Because predators will offend when the circumstances are right, we want to offer parents some tips for protecting children. Here are some steps you can take to be proactive: Ask the administration at your child’s school  (or the church you attend, or wherever you might leave your child in the care of others) […]


GROOMING:  HOW PREDATORS CREATE WILLING VICTIMS Webster’s Dictionary includes “training for a particular purpose” in its definition of grooming.   For child molesters, the purpose is a sexual relationship. Remember:  in the vast majority of cases, the offender isn’t a stranger.  More than likely he (because it usually is a male, but females have been […]


STRENGTHENING FAMILIES We understand if we are going to prevent commercial sexual exploitation we must be present locally, form inter-disciplinary teams, collaborate with one another and approach prevention holistically. Here are three practical steps: Strengthen economic supports to families through family-friendly work policies like a livable wage, paid leave and flexible and consistent schedules.  Tax […]

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PORNOGRAPHY AND CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE Easy access to sexually exploitive materials provides increased opportunities for individuals to commit sexually exploitive acts or sexual offenses. Research is only beginning to reveal the ways in which this overwhelming flow of exploitive material adversely impacts individual values, family relationships, and gender socialization.  The following is excerpted from The […]


Neither Their Responsibility Nor Their Fault

As a non-profit working hard to provide children with a future of options, we believe decisions made about children should be made based on their best interests.  We believe every child deserves a childhood which excludes discrimination and includes the chance to develop and thrive. Within the framework of these values our volunteers work to […]


International Women’s Day

Today is a great day to celebrate breaking glass ceilings, equality in relationships, economic stability for single Moms, loving your Grandma and honoring great women in our lives who are making a difference on a daily basis. It’s also a great day to know: At least 200 million women and girls alive today have undergone […]