You might be the only voice a victim of human trafficking has.  Knowing how to detect the signs of slavery and where to report it is critical to his or her exit.

SOMEONE YOU KNOW  During the grooming period you might see a combination of these signs:

  • excess cash
  • hotel room keys
  • abrupt change in attitude, habits, speech, apparel
  • inconsistencies in their story
  • presence of older “boyfriend”
  • frequent absence from class or work

STRANGER  Be particularly aware as you travel.  These red flags might present at a gas station, convenience store, truck stop.  Receptionists at local clinics or emergency room in-take should be especially aware:

  • disoriented – doesn’t know where he or she is, where they’ve come from
  • will not make eye contact
  • fearful, agitated, hyper-submissive
  • not allowed to communicate (if you attempt to talk with him or her, you notice they are glancing furtively around)
  • carries no personal i.d. or money


  1. If, on your floor, you hear a door opening and closing intermittently all night long.
  2. You notice an individual check in with a female (or two or more) and that person loiters in the lobby for hours.
  3. You see a vehicle dropping off and picking up girls from your motel.
  4. The possible victim presents the red flags mentioned above.

WHAT TO DO  Call the National Trafficking in Persons (T.I.P.) Hotline  888-3737-888

Do not intervene.  Describe the person in question, give the time and location of your encounter.  If a vehicle is involved, try to get the plate information, make and model of car, color, et cetera.  Any details you can offer will be helpful.  The Hotline will know who needs to receive your information.

If the probable victim is in immediate danger or needs medical attention, call 9-1-1, then call the hotline number.

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